Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We were surprised on Sunday to find the Miller Park courts wet after a week with no rain.  The only explanation we were able to imagine was that the last couple of days of extreme temperatures, it went down to 8 degrees F one night, had created frost heave and that the improving temperatures melted the ice formations and left the ground soggy.  There was only one of the six courts that was dry enough to rake, pack, and play.

It was a small turnout, but we had a lot of fun anyway.  Rebekah played the shooter's role on her teams all afternoon.  It was her first try, and she did a really great job!  We were amazed at how accurate she was.  She said later that it was a little nerve racking, but it looked to us like she was having fun and, if she was nervous, she hid it well.

Fred, Rom, Barb, Nelson, Shirley, and I rounded out the small group.  The day was pleasant enough until the sun started to set,  so we got in a good four hours or so of play.  We hope to see a few more people coming out in the weeks to come as the days get nicer.

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