Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuesday at Nevin Park

We spent most of yesterday trying to best Khalid Mesbah and Michael Wall in doubles play at Nevin Park in Charlotte, NC.  Play started around 10:30 AM in the wet and cold, but the day got progressively better as it went on.  The weather, that is. Our efforts to win some games, not so much.

Khalid made a point of telling us that he would anxiously await seeing the write-up.  Shirley says she'll never understand why people seem to take so much joy in giving us a good trouncing.  Despite her best pointing efforts, either Michael would push her out or Khalid would shoot her out.  And... at least to hear her version of the story, I was little help, as usual.

Actually, she and I both played okay.  Michael pointed well after a long absence from the courts.  Whenever he had a bad end, Khalid was able to make up the difference.  He shot well, as usual, and also pointed in with his last boule on numerous occasions to take the point.

Okay, here are the results:  They won the first game.  We bounced back to win the second game.  So far, so good.  Then we played three more games and called it a day.

That's my "fair and balanced" write-up.  I'm sure it will make Khalid and Michael happy-- don't you think?

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bekahboo714 said...

Looks like fun! Wish we could've been there.