Monday, September 16, 2013

Miller Park on Sunday

Gail, Fred, Terry, Sue Wien, Bob Moyer, James, Rom, Barb, Ronnie, Faye, Ed, Bertie, Bob Pelc, Pam, Joseph, Shirley, and I enjoyed a pleasant, late-summer Carolina afternoon at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday.  Temperatures are still warm, but the sun is beginning to be less intense as autumn nears.

We were particularly glad to have Bob and Pam surprise us by rejoining the club for the first time in months.  They have now made their permanent residence in the southern part of Texas and only occasionally get back to the Carolinas.  They may be around for a couple of months on this trip to finalize the sale of their North Carolina residence and many of their possessions as they downsize for their new location.

Sue Wien continued to play well left-handed but is looking forward to resuming play as a natural right-hander in about two more weeks.

Faye Rierson played very well for one who rarely plays.  Her usual inclination is to join the group for the social aspects, but  she often leaves the playing up to Ronnie.  We "twisted her arm" and got her to round out a team on Sunday.  We hope she will do that again from time to time.  By the way, Ronnie and Faye had recently talked with Carol who, along with Tom, is still in France until around the middle of November.  Things are going well there and they routinely play with some of the French locals.  We look forward to their return.

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