Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Boone, NC

Last Wednesday night, Shirley and I decided to make the drive up from where we were visiting in Lincolnton, NC, to Boone, NC, in order to play with Kristi, Cruz, and friends.  Cruz built a backyard court a short while back, and he and Kristi invited us to come up and play some Wednesday evening.

Since the drive from Lincolnton was only a little over an hour, we decided to surprise them by taking them up on their invitation.  They've been hosting on a regular basis on Wednesday nights, and this particular Wednesday found a large and enthusiastic group of players attending.  Cruz had chicken and hotdogs on the grill of a beautiful, outdoor fireplace and Kristi warmed the crowd with homemade salsa-- the heat coming from peppers they grew themselves in a backyard garden.

Besides the players who live relatively close to Boone (Kirk, Bo, and Parker; Uijin,, Lauren, and Sophia;  Angela), Augustin, Marc, and Juan had made the drive up from Hickory.

Kristi and Cruz have a nice place only a few hundred yards from downtown Boone, but one might think he was in a much more rural area once inside their fenced-in backyard.  They have a greenhouse, large garden area, small pond feature, heck, even a few chickens (!), as well as exotic foliage like banana plants in their backyard area.

With all this, plus a grassy play area and a cement basketball area for the kids, they were still able to squeeze in a well-lighted petanque court.  Actually, they have two courts, because a short practice area abuts their brick patio and can be used  for gameplay by playing from the patio pavers when the crowd warrants.

If you ever expect to be in the Boone area on a Wednesday evening when the gang might be playing, get in touch with us at CarolinaPetanque@yahoo.com and we'll check it out for you.

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