Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tom and Carol surprise us

Barb and Rom

Shirley gets in the picture!

Today's winners-- Sue and Fred

Marc's new look

Watch closely!

Augustin, Tom, and Carol

Our good friends Tom and Carol from Lincolnton showed up for Sunday afternoon play.  It' had been quite a while since their schedule allowed them to join the group.  Tom has been working in Virginia and coming home on weekends.  Carol decided to go with him this week, so they stopped by Winston-Salem for play and an after-play dinner meal.

Marc Quilici made the trip with Augustin over from Hickory for the first time in a while.  Sporting new facial hair.  Whaddaya think, ladies?

Joseph, Barb, Rom, Fred, Gail, Augustin, Marc, Bob, Tom, Carol, Sue (Wien), Shirley, and Gary enjoyed the nice Carolina-in-February weather.  Join us next time!

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