Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday 2013

Valentines Day is coming soon!

Recent wind damage



We were surprised upon arriving at Miller Park in Winston-Salem yesterday to find that recent ice, rain, and wind storms had combined to bring down a fairly large tree at one end of the number one court, rendering both it and our overflow area pretty much unplayable.  We're glad no one was hurt when the tree fell and are confident that the Parks&Recreation folks will have it cleared before too long.

Speaking of the Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation Department, we owe them a big "THANKS!" for the recent installation of a Porta-Potty for the use of the bocce/horseshoe/petanque crowds.  It certainly makes things more convenient when we have our marathon play sessions lasting four to six hours (or more).

Three of our group of yesterday's players decided to go ahead and make the commitment to support petanque in the United States by joining the Federation of Petanque USA (FPUSA) through CarolinaPetanque.  Welcome Barbara Arbuckle, Rom Still, and Joseph Kilpatrick-- and thank you for your support.

All three are walk-up players who live in the Winston-Salem community.  Joseph has been playing with us for several months now on a regular basis.  Barb and Rom are more recent additions to the group.  They have frequented the park for quite a while as bocce enthusiasts and have only joined us for play on three or four occasions, but they have become regulars of late.

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