Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent play

First of all, let me apologize for having no pictures of Wednesday's play in Spruce Pine.  We had six players, but Shirley was unable to join us due to another commitment, and I failed to carry her camera.  Anyway, thanks, Kirk and Bo, for hosting.  Danny, Sue, Kirk, Bo, Uijin, and I played from 5:30 until dark.  The kids, Parker and Sophia, played around in the park and did not join in the petanque this time.  As is rapidly becoming our custom, we topped off the evening with pizza and beer in downtown Spruce Pine.

While I'm at it, I must also apologize for having no pictures of Sunday's play at Miller Park.  This time Shirley was there and took pictures as usual, but I accidentally erased them from her camera before getting a successful download.  Sorry!  We again had six players.  This time it was Danny, Sue, Shirley, Fred, Michael Mardis, and myself.  Michael is new to our group.  He had contacted me a few weeks back about the possibility of play in Greensboro.  We haven't yet been able to coordinate our schedules for Greensboro, but he made the drive over to join us in Winston-Salem.  He played the game many years ago in France and just decided to look into getting started again.  He was on the winning team as often as not on Sunday, so he did very well.  Hope it works out for him to join us again soon.  Or that we're able to join him in Greensboro.

Finally, we did manage to get pictures of Saturday's play in Lincolnton.  I believe I counted 22 people in the crowd!  That's a great turnout considering that many in our group have to make quite a drive to play.  We were particularly glad to have Tom and Carol's French visitors join us.  Michel and Christiane were able to see the French game as played in the Carolinas.  I don't know whether they were very impressed, but we were certainly glad to have them.  A dozen of us made the trip uptown to have dinner at FATZ restaurant after play.  Thanks to all who came and we hope you can come again soon.

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