Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday in Spruce Pine, NC

At the Edwards' Home on Saturday Morning

Early arrivals

Taylor and Kirk

Cruz and his little guy, Georgie

Our lodging overlooking the park where we played

Cruz, Kristi, Gary, and Taylor

Augustin and Steve


I dunno, whataya think?

Our banner

Starting young

Leader of the Spruce Pine Group-- Kirk Edwards

Pizza & ...


We made the trip up to play with the mountain group of CarolinaPetanque on Friday afternoon.  We had been invited by Danny and Sue to use their Crossnore home as our base for the night, but they were going to be traveling, so we decided just to drive up and then back home to either Lexington or Lincolnton.  Then Kirk and Bo graciously invited us to stay over at their home in Spruce Pine.  We finally decided, rather than imposing on them on short notice, that we would stay over after all, but we'd stay at the Pine Bridge Inn.  It's an old school house that has been converted into a motel.  Very unusual and interesting-- it sits up on the hill looking down on Riverside Park where we planned to play.  We actually had a good view of the field from our second storey window.

Kirk had managed to get a good group together and the play was lots of fun.  Pizza and beer after play capped our evening (thanks, Marc, for treating!).

We got up early on Saturday morning and drove to Kirk & Bo's for a game on their home terrain.  They only had time for a single game-- Parker had soccer in th AM-- and the two of them managed to beat Shirley and myself, soundly I might add.  It keeps getting more amd more difficult for us to win a game now and then as the group play improves.

Gary (and Shirley)

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