Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarasota SE Regional Triples

All pictures courtesy of Juan Garcia; thanks, Juan.

(Above L to R: Marcel, Juan, Christian, Brenda, Salem, Gilles, John, David, Eric)

(Above: Marcel points____________________________________Brenda shoots)

(Above: Pam relaxes__________________________David, John, Brenda, Marcel)

Congratulations to Gilles Canesse, Salem Touati, and Juan Garcia. They won the SE Regional Triples tournament last Saturday in Sarasota, Florida.

Our friend and new CarolinaPetanque member, John Hayes, played with Brenda Green and David Bloom of the Sarasota group as a team. It was John's first time to play in an FPUSA sanctioned tournament. Here is what Juan Garcia of the winning team had to say about John's efforts:

"John is a natural. He played very well. When he had to shoot, he was very accurate. Very impressive!"

Way to go, John!

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