Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Sarasota Visit This Trip

Winning team in final game: Gary, Shirley, & John

Eliane & David____________________________________John_________

Lunch break

"Jack the Bear"_______________________Brenda, Richard, Eliane, John, & David


Winners! Carmen & Gary____________________David, Carmen, & Richard

Easter Sunday found us once again in Sarasota for more play with the great group of folks there. Weather was absolutely wonderful with temperatures in low 80s and plenty of sunshine. There were only nine players on this holiday Sunday, but, boy, did we have fun! We had numerous really close games and can't wait to get back there again in the future.


Anonymous said...

Elaine knows this ground very well, and a tough competitor.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to Say Eliane

Anonymous said...

I know You could be my Older Brother and Sister but I would like to be adopted and travel with You two all over and Play Petanque.
That will be my Dream!