Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day in North Carolina

We made the thirty mile drive to Winston on Sunday morning hoping for the best but expecting the worst from the weather. The temperatures were around the 50degree mark, but the sky was overcast with a little mist from time-to-time. When we got there, the courts looked okay as we drove by. There was little or no standing water on the courts proper.

As soon as we walked out on them, however, it was obvious that there would be no petanque in Winston on this dreary Sunday. The courts were so saturated that just walking across them left fairly deep footprint impressions. We finally decided on the driest court and decided to make at least an effort to see if the boules would roll. No luck. A dull "plop" when the boule landed and absolutely no roll confirmed our initial assessment. Too wet.

So, reluctantly, we went to an early lunch and soon made our return trip to Lexington. Shirley suggested that we could try a few practice games on our backyard court. Our oyster-shell-topped court had held up much better during Saturday nights drenching rains than the fine-gravel-only courts we had just left in Winston.

We got in three games of head-to-head (singles). And Shirley even let me win a couple of them, so the day wasn't a complete washout! Until next week,


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