Monday, January 25, 2010

Doubles duel

Since Miller Park was still too wet for play and more rain was in the forecast for Sunday, we decided to play in Lexington on Saturday the 23rd. Bob and Josh made the trip down but, for various reasons (and maybe the fact that the weather lately had been so darn cold and damp!), no one else was able to play.

We began play around 1:30 PM in nice sunshine (for a change!), and played into the night (and the cold!). Bob/Josh were diligent in reminding us that they had not played in "a long time" whereas we had just returned from a Texas trip where we were playing three to four days a week for about five hours each session. I guess they must have been onto something, because their pre-game analysis turned out to be right. We were unusually successful against them.

Better luck next time, guys.


Amine Najah said...

You guys are hardcore Petanque players!!!
It was fun having you guys in austin, enjoyed palying with you guys.
We still trying to come up with the exact date for spring tournament. Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Amine, I will be going with Mamary to the Spring Tournament in Austin just let us know