Monday, July 10, 2017


Xavier Grandjean

Great fun yesterday at Miller Park in Winston-Salem. Cherri brought a birthday cake to celebrate club members who'll be reaching milestones in July:

Shirley-- 7/13
Rebekah-- 7/14
Rom-- 7/22
Gary-- 7/26
Earl Lich-- 7/29

Thanks, Cherri!

Also, we had an unexpected visitor from Dallas, Texas. Xavier Grandjean from the Dallas Petanque Club looked on the internet to find play in the Carolinas when he found himself in Winston-Salem on business.

He played all afternoon and we were very happy to have him. It was obvious from the start that he's a seasoned player. We found that we have quite a few friends in common as the Dallas club, which we've not yet visited, plays often with the Austin crowd where we do play frequently. And, of course, we know Jeanne-Marie Browning of the Dallas club who we recently played with in Zanesfield, Ohio.

Here is an excerpt from an email Xavier sent us this evening:

"Could you please add me to your distribution list? I will be in town this week and next until Wednesday night, then flying to France to visit family and practice petanque of course! Starting mid of August, I will be here almost every week until the end of the year."

Good news!

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