Saturday, June 3, 2017

5/17/2017 Regular Wednesday play

We're on a 9:30 AM schedule for Wednesday play at Miller Park (2500 Queen St) in Winston-Salem. The plan is to start before it gets too hot, but from now on through the summer it will probably be plenty warm-- even at 9:30.

Nevertheless, we have the shade of the treeline to step back into now between trows, and it's a major improvement over what we had before. Shirley and I were bringing sun shelters and umbrellas to entice players to come, but it was not as nice as the natural shade we get from the trees at the back of the petanque area.

We're usually able to have at least two games with some shade on the courts and within a short distance even when it's not on the court. Take a look at the pics above and see what I mean. We're happy to have a core group of players who are able to play during "normal" working hours and look forward to the Wednesday group just as we do the Sunday crowd.

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