Thursday, September 15, 2016

Saturday, 9/10/16

Some of the best women petanque players in USA!

Saturday was all about the women. The Inter-regional Select Triples Boatyard Tournament didn't begin until Sunday, but the women had a full day of petanque on Saturday to set the seeding for Sunday. There were eleven teams competing, so the schedule was to play four games in five rounds.

The top eight teams were to continue into Sunday in the WWCQT (Women's World Championship Qualifier Tournament) while the bottom three teams were placed into The Boatyard Tournament for Sunday.

After the dust settled, the top three teams were 1) Paula's 2) Tish's 3) Gina's. Paula's local team was 4-0 and so was Tish/Celia/Lisa, but Paula's differential was +27 versus +26 for Tish. Close! Gina/Shannon/Shirley were able to breeze through their first three games: 13-2, 13-0, and 13-3 only to lose their final game of the day to the strong team of Barbara/Erin/Alexandra at 3-13. Still, that was good enough to get them into third place in the seeding rounds.

Our other team with a Carolina Petanque player, Jan/Michelle/Bo, couldn't quite get it together on Saturday and slipped into the bottom three which put them into The Boatyard Tournament for Sunday play. Oh well, Sunday's a new day.

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