Monday, August 1, 2016

Saturday in Newland (7/23/2016)

We visited Danny and Sue Daniels in Crossnore, NC, over the weekend. Saturday morning the gang (Danny&Sue, Rick&Maggie, Bobby&Peggy, and Shirley/Gary) found a place to play petanque. There is a huge parking lot between Pineola and Newland where they stage 18-wheelers during the Christmas season for loading trees to be shipped all over the country. Since the lot was mostly empty in July-- there were some schoolbuses parked off to one side-- and had a surface of (mostly!) small gravel, we decided it would meet our purposes just fine. As it turned out, Sue, being a local resident, knew who to call for permission, so we didn't even have to worry about being chased away!

We decided to use the opportunity to play National Petanque League doubles. Usually when we have social play, we try to include everyone in the mix for teams, whether or not they're NPL players, so Saturday worked out great to get a few league games on the books.

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