Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lake Worth on Saturday February 27th

At the RV park

Three of our favorite petanque ladies: Gina, Michelle, and Shannon

Jo Ella explains

Shade was welcome

Shannon and Juan clowning around

Cynthia and Susan with Jo Ella

We went through the John Prince RV Park (first five pictures above) to check out the amenities for a possible Jan-Mar 2017 trip. The RV Park is in the same park where Lake Worth Petanque Club plays, but in a different area. While RV Park courts looked okay, they're a little short, and the more-appropriate-for-petanque courts that the FPUSA club plays on are only a few hundred yards away.

We said hello to lots of old friends and played practice games throughout the afternoon. Shirley planned to play in the Women's Triples on Sunday, whereas I was just sort of along for the ride. We did enjoy the practice play as we acclimated to the terrain. The playing area is very firm and what little sand top dressing there is often comes and goes with the swirling winds. Overall the surface is really good for petanque since even high lobs don't leave dents to speak of.

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