Monday, February 1, 2016

"New" faces!

We had a really nice turnout at Nevin Park in Charlotte on Saturday. Everyone was thrilled to see Susanne Quilici for the first time in ages. In addition, Tom and Carol Cearley reappeared after a long absence and a months long trip to France. The same was true of Philippe and Jeanne Trochard. They also spent a good deal of 2015 in France.

Since Rebekah has recruited Denyse Haney to be Carolina Petanque's point-of-contact person for Charlotte (thanks, Denyse!), we expect a lot more play in the Charlotte area (and maybe SC too) in the coming months. Shirley and I are committed to join in whenever we're in the Carolinas. We hope to garner more recruits from Charlotte's Alliance Francaise as well.

The terrains remain too soft for good petanque, but we hope to improve upon their current condition with the return of dryer and warmer weather.

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