Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nelson Ranch Park in Cedar Park, Texas


Alberto, Rudy, and Olivier

They have limestone in great abundance in Texas for walls and fences

As many of you know, there have been several spin-off clubs started in and around Austin, Texas, from the original Heart of Texas club. One such spin-off is located in Cedar Park at a lovely little neighborhood park called Nelson Ranch Park. Instrumental in the establishment of the new club (July-August of 2015) were our good friends Rudy Valle and Christophe Chambers.

We made the fifty mile drive from our camper in Spicewood to see the new facility and play with Rudy and a few others on Saturday morning January 2nd. Though it was a cold day, we really enjoyed playing and getting to see a new terrain. The terrain is typical of many of those we've played on around Austin-- hard-packed, decomposed granite. Very nice surface on which to play. Similar in texture to our Miller Park surface.

After play, Rudy was kind to invite us to stop by his house, which is only a few blocks from the park, to meet his wife and have a glass of champagne to toast the new year. We also got to take a look at his personal terrain in back of his house. Really great! Same type surface as at the park and plenty long enough for a good game.

Thank you to Rudy and Monique for the warm hospitality. We hope we'll be invited again sometime.

Gary and Shirley

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