Sunday, August 10, 2014

Waldensian Festival

Valdese Waldensian Festival 
Jim Quick and the Coastline Band
The trusses
Another view
Danny and Sue


The old court downtown

Kaye Taliana shagging in the street

Carolina Petanque had a petanque social event scheduled for Saturday at the home of Rusty and Marcia Reed in Deep Gap, NC.  Unfortunately, rain in the mountains forced a last minute rescheduling, so we'll try again for next Saturday.

Shirley and I spent Friday night in Lincolnton in anticipation of the Saturday drive up to Deep Gap.  Since Deep Gap was no longer an option, we looked for something else to do in the area.  We decided to make the 45 minute drive over to Valdese, NC.  There was a festival advertised which included a North Carolina regional bocce tournament, and we wanted to check out the facilities.

As you can see from the photos, their covered courts are VERY nice.  I doubt they would like us to play petanque on them because the texture of compacted red clay would probably leave fairly deep depressions after high lobs that are often played by petanque pointers.  The structure does give us ideas of what we could duplicate someday, though.

There is an older court in the downtown area that just might work for petanque.  Now that the bocce players have their new courts, the old one will not likely be used for bocce.  We'll look into it soon.

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