Thursday, April 24, 2014

Texas ThinkTanque Tournament

Water tower at Bloor Ranch
Our hosts:  Jeffrey and Linda
Some of the gang: Earl, Gary, Terry, Christophe, Hasu, and Rudy
It's HOT outside!

Made in the shade!
Room to camp

One of the swimmin' holes

Campfire, anyone?
Stage and sound system going up!
Now that's a grill!
Hasu carves
We got our first chance to play at Jeffrey and Linda Schryver's Bloor Ranch in Manor, Texas, yesterday.  It's an amazing place!  Jeffrey and Linda have been working day and night since January to get the land into shape and start the process of adding amenities. 

They're hosting this weekend's ThinkTanque Open petanque tournament.  Some of the best players from around the US will make the trip to the small Texas town just outside of Austin.  The original plan included appearances by some of Europe's finest as well, with both Foyot and Lacroix scheduled to play.  Due to some production issues and the inevitable growing pains of a first time affair, they will not make it this time, but there will be plenty of good players competing.

Look for more pictures to come over the next few days.

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