Monday, August 5, 2013

Familiar faces at the French Legation

Cindy, Travis, Robert, Anthony, and Amadeus

CarolinaPetanque member Walt Elder-- now of Austin, Texas!

Michael, Jacques, and Rudy

Anthony to shoot


Custom made boules case by Thierry Amisse
Another view of Thierry's artwork

And one more view

Thierry (semi-dressed in the French fashion)

Now Michael takes a look

Then they call the umpire (both boules were touching)
 We saw familiar faces from back home in North Carolina and from Amelia Island on Sunday.  The North Carolina connection was CarolinaPetanque member, Walt Elder.  He and his wife, Estefii, now reside in Austin, so we made sure to make contact.  Walt came out to play, but Estefi was in Spain visiting family.  Great to see Walt though!

He's doing great in Austin and working in a management position with Schlotzsky's Deli.  He has 38 store locations under his guidance and just finished with the opening of a new location in San Antonio.

The Amelia Island connection was to the Alejandro family, formerly of Jerome, Arizona,-- now Texas residents!  We met Anthony and Cindy at the Petanque America Open several years ago.  We have maintained communications through Facebook and were glad to be able to say hello to them here in Austin.  We encouraged them to play with some of our Texas petanque friends while in Texas and hone their games for the 2013 edition of the Petanque America Open.  We hope to see them there.

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