Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Our good friend, Amine Najah, is in the process of preparing to open a Coffee/Tea/Hookah house in Austin, Texas, on North Lamar Boulevard. He called Shirley on Saturday morning (New Year's Eve) and asked if we were interested in coming out to look over his new location. Of course we were excited about doing so!

Amine is planning to encourage petanque players in and around the area to make his new shop a hangout where players can most always find a game. He has an area large enough for about eight lanes already cleared and ready for play. There's also a large plot in the rear of his shop for expansion if the number of players warrant.

He hopes to open "Zaytouna Lounge" (roughly translates as "The Olive Lounge") in February of 2012. If you find yourself in the area before then, stop by and say hello. There's a good chance a game will be going on even before the official opening. He's at:

N Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas

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