Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday's Play 9/18/11

It was a day of, "Welcome back!," at Miller Park on Sunday.

Augustin, Marc, and Juan made the drive over from Hickory for the first time in a couple of months (we missed you, Susanne!). Augustin and Susanne have only recently returned from an extended stay at their place in Corsica.

Francis and Bonnie rejoined the group after a couple of months off as well. No overseas trip to blame-- just too much other stuff to do and too blasted hot in August!

Ronnie & Faye and Tom & Carol were back after a few weeks away. Work and family obligations have been their reasons for the absence.

Bob M. was back after a long stay in Germany. You may have seen some of his photos in prior posts.

Then there were the regulars: Fred, Shirley, and I rounded out the group.

Weather should be great in the Carolinas for the next few months. Plan to come!

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