Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spruce Pine Invitational -- Day 2

The second day of the 2011 Spruce Pine Invitational included two more group meals, courtesy of Kirk & Bo, along with the actual tournament. The tournament was a (random-draw-for-teams) Doubles event comprised of eight teams.

Play was spirited and fun though the weather was particularly hot for a North Carolina mountain town. Temperatures were in the 90s in the sun. Three timed games of 45 minutes each were played to determine seeding for the single elimination brackets.

Shirley (with her partner Rebecca) lost in the first round of bracket play and I fared only a little better, losing (with my partner Kori) in the semi-finals. Both our partners played well, but I guess we had used up all our luck on Saturday.

The finals came down to Danny & Lauren against Uijin and Cruz. It was a good, back-and-forth match, but Danny's shooting and Lauren's pointing proved to be too much for Uijin & Cruz in the end.

Kirk had a unique twist planned for the final game of the official competition. Danny & Lauren played each other head-to-head for the overall tournament championship award! Danny was the one with the hot hand and came out ahead despite some flashes of brilliant pointing from Lauren.

The tournament was a huge success in our view and we hope Kirk & Bo will think about us when they plan future events.

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Jamie Matthews said...

Love your blog!! It was so nice meeting all of ya'll and spending the Fourth with some new friends. Thank you so much for all the pointers! No pun intended. ;) Hope we see you next year. Much love from Pennsylvania,
Jamie, Sean, Mariya, Rachel and Mary.