Sunday, March 27, 2011

Game Day on the Island

(Above: Vincent Cosme, Nicolas Lacand, Caroline Lacand, and Anthony George.)

Amelia Island, Florida, Sunday March 27, 2011. North Florida Open (Select Doubles) results:

1st Place-- Vincent Cosme & Anthony George (Amelia Island Boules)

2nd Place-- Nicolas Lacand & Caroline Lacand (Amelia Island Boules)

3rd Place-- [Tie] Bob Osborne & Rob Portegies (Amelia Island Boule)

[Tie] Jorge Abejon (Spain) & Lionel Cannet (France)

It was an all Amelia Island final at today's tournament. Both teams played wonderfully well and entertained the crowd with precision pointing and pin-point shooting. The final was an amazing 13 to 12 victory for the winning team. Congratulations to both teams.

Shirley and I won our three qualifying games but lost to the Abejon/Cannet team in the quarter finals. It was a well-run and entertaining event for all concerned.

Now for a brief trip to North Carolina before we leave for next Sunday's Heart of Texas Tournament in Austin.

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