Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nevin Park in the Sleet

It was about 34 degrees at game time in Charlotte yesterday with a wintry mix in the forecast when six of us got together for petanque at Nevin Park. We were very happy to have two new, first-time players with us. Dr. Ed Shoaf and his wife, Anne, had been communicating via e-mail for some time (he's the one who actually discovered the boules area at Nevin Park and informed CarolinaPetanque). Their schedule finally coincided with ours for Saturday. It's too bad the weather couldn't have been a little more cooperative for their first outing.

Nevertheless, we had fun trying to get a game in before the precipitation started. We only made it about halfway through the first game before the rain/sleet/snow began. The Shoafs were good sports and we finished in the wetness. Please come back again soon, guys, when we can hope for better weather.

The four CarolinaPetanque members who showed up (Augustin, Steve G., Shirley, and myself) continued through the ensuing showers for the next hour or so until the wintry mix finally subsided. We then played on until near-dark at 5:00 PM. We had good games and no one seemed to let the inclement circumstances deter their fun. Maybe it's just a mind set? Or maybe we're "mental"?

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