Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three more new players this past Sunday!

Let's see-- we had Bob M., Fred, Danny, Khalid, Ronnie, Bob P., Pam, Terry, Sue W., Augustin, Susanne, Shirley, and myself. That makes thirteen. Then there were three first-time-at-Miller Park players-- George, Steve, and Jane. For a total of sixteen players. That's our best turnout at Miller Park in quite a while.

George is a friend and co-worker of Khalid. They made the drive over from the Concord/Kannapolis area. George managed to be on the winning team more often than not during Sunday's play. We hope that will encourage him to come back again!

Steve and Jane (Jane is the sister of Susanne) came over with Augustin and Susanne from Hickory. Shirley and I had met them once before at a petanque party that Augustin and Susanne hosted this past summer at their Hickory home. They are liking the game enough that they have expressed an interest in joining our club. Though we didn't have the required application forms with us on Sunday, my oversight, we'll be sure to do so the next time!

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