Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Playin' in the dirt

We played in Lincolnton this week since Shirley and I have been staying there a little more often these days in order to allow Shirley to spend a little more time with her mom. Shirleyalso has an aunt who is in hospice care and has been visiting with her most days.

As anyone who has played on our Lincolnton court knows, it's a lttle softer (and slower) than either Miller Park or our Lexington court. It makes for a really nice change of pace and several people have said they actually prefer it. Danny seems to play especially well there.

One more comment about the play-- I'm not sure whether Shirley staged the first picture in this group, but she was the photographer and (as many of you will recognize) that is her boule holding the point. So, draw your own conclusions.

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