Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back to the Mountains

It was back to Sugar Mountain on June 28 for play with Walt Elder and some of his friends and family. In the larger of the pictures above, his girlfriend Stephanie looks on as Walt gives a big hug to his little sister, Katy. The next picture shows Katy, Stephanie, and Phillip looking on as Walt prepares to point. In the last one, Walt and Katy watch as Stephanie points.

Katy was visiting from Washington, DC. She plays with a group in that area from time to time. Many of you will remember Stephanie from last summer at Miller Park. She is from Spain but manages to get to the Carolinas on occasion. Phillip hails from the Raleigh area and first played with CarolinaPetanque at last year's May tournament. He and Walt are long time friends.

We had some good games and loved the scenery and cool mountain temperatures. Notice the long pants on the players. On June 28!

Shirley just reminded me to give a special thanks to Katy for sharing with us some homemade blueberry jelly from her grandmother. Thanks, Katy.

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