Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CarolinaPetanque KickoffParty

Bob has settled on a time for the opening event of the upcoming CarolinaPetanque Open scheduled for May 17-18. It is to be a meet&greet party at his home near the Miller Park venue. He's decided that 7:30 PM on Friday night should work well. That will give people time for an early supper meal and still allow a little time for an after dinner glass of wine and visiting with members of the group.

There are several very good restaurants in the area. The Bonefish Grill has an especially good reputation. It's at 300 S Stratford Rd. 336-724-4518. Then there's Nawab Indian Cuisine located at 129 S Stratford Rd. 336-725-3949. Or for Mexican, Pancho Villa's at 799 S Stratford Rd 336-768-6886. And Mi Pueblo at 644 S Stratford Rd 336-765-5174 is also very good.

There is also a K&W Cafeteria nearby at 3300 Healy Drive 336-768-1066. And an Olive Garden at 170 Hanes Mall Circle 336-765-9008.

Hanes Mall itself is worth a visit. I believe it is the largest indoor shopping mall in the state. Check it out at

Hope to see everyone at Bob's place on Friday the 16th!

Bob Moyer

621 N Spring St

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 577-6371

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Lynda said...

What a great day in the park! Maeve and Lynda really enjoyed being "home" (NC) for the weekend and hanging out with the Carolina Petanque crew! Everything was perfect: the weather, the food, the company/friends/family, the festival and, of course, the well manicured petanque court and game play! :) THANKS for the southern hospitality! ...The Acuna girls...