Thursday, December 31, 2009

In Texas-- French Legation on 12/27/2009

First photo: Amine and his son.

Second photo: Jacques and his quiche (boy, the French eat well!)

Third photo: One of our best Texas friends, Jeanne.

Last photo: Me in one of my new Christmas t-shirts from a well-known Texas barbecue "joint."

Christmas Day, 2009

Pease Park, Austin, Texas.

First photo is of a yule-log-inspired cake that Jacques, the chef, prepared to share with everyone. I'm told it's traditional French holiday fare. I know this much-- it was delicious!

Second photo: Arsene and Hal.

Third photo: Shirley buttering up the chef.

Final Photo: Tony, Ben, Amine, and myself.

In Texas-- French Legation on 12/23/2009

That's Arsene Dupin, president of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club, in the "revolutionary" t-shirt above. He has really done a good job of growing the club and has some of the most avid players we've come across in our travels. The first picture shows Diane, Jim, Ed, and Christophe Chambers who is visiting from Brooklyn, New York.

In Texas-- Lakeway on 12/19/2009

Saturday the 19th found us in Lakeway, Texas. We had a wonderful picnic lunch of chicken fajitas that Amine's wife, Ilhaam, prepared over charcoal at the picnic area. We also enjoyed playing with Geo of the Lakeway group for the first time in quite a while.

In Texas-- French Legation on 12/13/2009

We played again at the French Legation on Sunday the 13th.

First photo: The pretty girl in the beautiful blue lace is Kelsey, a good friend and working associate of Arsene.

Second pic: That's Jules (also a friend and associate of Arsene) with Kelsey.

Third: Christian (in the foreground) studying the situation.

Fourth: Arvin, Alain, and Jerome of Alliance Francaise playing an intense point.

Fifth: Jacques arrives with food!

Sixth: Carolyn and Ilhaam.

Seventh: Rick Armstrong.

Eighth: Tibor and Terrance.

In Texas-- French Legation on 12/9/2009

Shirley and I are visiting family near Austin, Texas. First picture above: Ben, Michael, Arsene, Dan, Amine, Guillermo, and myself. Next: Ross and Marie Claude. Last photo: David.

We are lucky to break even in our games out here. Everyone plays well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New players in Texas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009, found Shirley and myself in Spicewood, Texas. We had a couple of first-time players for an impromptu game at the Starlight RV campground where we've had a small travel trailer parked for a couple of years.

Grandkids Marin & Maeve Acuna look to be naturals, don't you think? ( Well, maybe we're just the least bit biased! )