Monday, May 31, 2021

Miller Pak on Sunday, May 30th


Tina, Cherri, Gary, Preston, Gail, Bob, and Terri

We had twelve for Sunday play (Rom, Barb, Fred, Darrel, and photographer Shirley weren't in the group picture). 

Darrel was a walk-up who played part of a game, caught on quickly, and said he'd be back when he had more time to play.

Terri Brown was a first-timer and played very well. She has a bocce background, so she was a really quick study. We hope she'll also come back for more.

Visitor from Germany


Jochen is here from Europe to work for a while in Oak Ridge, TN. He made contact via, We put him in touch with some of our players in Asheville and Morganton. He made the drive down from Tennessee and played with our group at RendezVous on Friday afternoon. After spending a night in Asheville, he rode down with Bill Cooke and played in Morganton on Saturday morning.

We enjoyed meeting and playing with Jo and welcome him to come again whenever possible.

Gary and Shirley

Morning play at Tanger Gardens

David Powers

Roman and Al


 We had our first morning (9:30 AM) session at Tanger Gardens on May 27. The shade was definitely much better than any little bit we'd had at 1:00 PM/ Several of our regular players had conflicts though. We'll try 9:30 again next week and see whether it's working for the group,

Sunday at Miller Park

May 23rd. Al and Heidi were visiting. We hope to see more of them now that they have a second home in Hickory.

Thursday afternoon at Tanger Gardens

Red Curry


Raising the sun shelters

We had lunch at Bangkok Cafe on Holden Road in Greensboro prior to Thursday, May 20, play. The weather is getting hot enough that the group decided to switch our scheduled play time to Thursdays at 9:30 AM as a trial attempt starting  May 27.

Special Wednesday session

Rusty and Marcia were visiting NC from their new Florida home, so a Wednesday morning session was held at Miller Park. Everyone enjoyed seeing them again for the first time in quite a while.