Monday, November 29, 2021

Meanwhile back in the Carolinas: Spruce Pine & Winston-Salem


ABOVE: Spruce Pine Christmas Parade Day play. (From FACEBOOK posts by Kirk & Bo.)

Below: Regular Sunday play in Winston-Salem is still being held for anyone who shows up thanks to John Wilson while Preston and Tess take a break and Shirley and I are vacationing in Texas over the Holidays.

Nov28 play:
New players—Catie and Paul and 1 child
Gail, Patrick,John present
Catie and Paul new players, with 4 children.
Age of two other children 8 and 6.
Two ages unknown!
Just moved to Winston Salem area.
John said they loved the game.

Nelson Ranch Petanque Club--Cedar Park, Texas


Gary Ragan

Kathy and Gary Ragan, Rudy Vallee, Christophe Chambers, Victor Alonso, and others of NRPC in Cedar Park, TX, were joined by Ed Priest and others of Legation Boules Club of Austin, TX, for a post-Thanksgiving Turkey Day celebration. Though the event was technically for members and family of the two clubs, they were kind enough to include Shirley, me, and our grandson, Myles, for the play and the meal.

The photos above were made by Shirley. Below are some more that Christophe Chambers took and shared via FACEBOOK:

Kelley, Cindy, Peter, and Christophe



Kathy, Ed, & Shirley


Winston-Salem--off day practice


While we were playing in San Antonio, Patrick, Gail, and John held a practice session at Miller Park. Preston and Tess were unavailable to host, so John Wilson graciously volunteered to drive over from Greensboro to open the petanque storage area and be there to host just in case people showed up anyway. BIG thanks for covering, John!

San Antonio-Part 2


Crazy lady? Nope--Michelle Healey!

Our host--Craig Gerstenkorn

Stephen Johns

 Regular Sunday play is on a rotating basis among several people who have home terrains. On this particular Sunday, it was at Craig's house.

What a wonderful place to play! Take a look at the trees, the surface, the brick oven, charcoal grill, picnic area; they even had a TV outside for the football game!

And the people were just as great. We met so many that I won't attempt to list their names. The only ones familiar to us were Stephen Johns, a serious competition player (and the Club Umpire) and, of course, Michelle.

We had a very enjoyable  afternoon of play and look forward to maybe being able to do it again some day.

--Gary & Shirley