Monday, August 31, 2015

Lexington Barbecue Festival Weekend (tentative itinerary)

Lexington Barbecue Festival Weekend (tentative itinerary)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Last day to register. $25 per person registration fee.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Setup of the playing terrain at Finch Park (15 Paul Beck Road, Lexington, NC) in the afternoon will consist of stringing lanes and setting of rebound boards. Anyone who would like to volunteer to assist can contact Shirley at 336-247-0436.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Terrain open for practice and play all day. Everyone is invited to join us at the home of Terry and Sue Wien (122 Mountain Harbor Drive) after petanque for a free dinner of chicken pies, salads, and desserts with tea and water provided. We'll start eating around 6:30 PM and have social time, drinks, and under-the-lights petanque.

We do ask that you let us know on your registration document or email and let us know how many to plan for at dinner. Or call Shirley at 336-247-0436 or Terry at 336-247-0717 you prefer.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The BIG DAY for Lexington, North Carolina! The 32nd annual barbecue festival will bring around 175,000 people to our small town,_North_Carolina of 19,000 people.

It's a day full of family fun. We always try to arrive downtown by around 8:30 AM to see the streets before the throngs descend. There is an opening “kickoff” on the main stage in front of the old courthouse, complete with local dignitaries and a rendition of the national anthem to get everyone into the spirit of the day.

There are numerous music stages, arts and crafts, rides for the children, street shows that vary from bicycle stunt riders to chainsaw artists to automobile shows, and food vendors (with many offerings besides barbecue) galore. There is a “beer garden” for those who enjoy a little libation with their beach/rock/blues/bluegrass music. And, also again this year, a “wine garden” as well.

The barbecue served at the huge tents around town is provided by participating local restaurants. Their offerings are usually limited to pork barbecue sandwiches and maybe hot dogs for the “kids.” The pork is cooked over wood fires (oak and/or hickory) and comes only from shoulder cuts. It is marinated/seasoned with Lexington-style “dip.” The dip is a thin, vinegary concoction which usually includes ketchup and or tomato sauce, brown sugar, and peppers. The usual condiment on a Lexington-style chopped sandwich is a red barbecue slaw. It's a little tart, but mostly sweet. I used to order my sandwiches without slaw, but after thirty-three years of living in Lexington, I've long since seen the errors of my ways. Try it, you'll like it!

Be advised that the festival is NOT a cook-off type event with different styles and cuts of barbecue. It's not even a representation of the different Lexington-style barbecue choices that one finds (sliced, chopped, coarse-chopped, coarse-chopped-lean, extra-brown, etc.) at a sit-down barbecue restaurant in and around Lexington. To get the real picture of what Lexington-style barbecue is all about, we suggest that you pay a visit to one of our local establishments and try a plate of barbecue with hushpuppies, fries, and barbecue slaw. Maybe even sweet tea, if that's your thing, or Cheerwine (not wine, but a local soft-drink favorite) in regular or diet versions.

After the festival, we'd like to invite everyone in the petanque group to join us for supper and drinks at the private residence of Terry and Sue Wien on High Rock Lake in Lexington. They are at 122 Mountain Harbor Drive. We'll try to eat around 6:30. We again ask that you let us know how many to plan for at dinner. You can call Shirley at 336-247-0436 or Terry at 336-247-0717 if you prefer. They have five well-lighted courts and a large rec room for socializing.

Sunday, October 25, 2015
The third official Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament will begin at 9:00 AM. Please plan to check in by 8:30. The event will be held at Finch Park at 15 Paul Beck Road in Lexington. After entering the park, please proceed down the hill to the baseball infield (on your left as you look down the hill). The tournament will consist of three rounds of qualifying play to 13 points (not to exceed 60 minutes plus one end). The teams will then, based upon qualifying results, be divided into a Concours (Championship) Division and a Consolante (Consolation) Division.

Those participating in the tournament, as well as their friends and families who are attending, will be provided with a sandwich & chips lunch. Or, if you prefer, there is a barbecue restaurant within a half-mile of the terrain that sells hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, etc., as well as barbecue.

The remainder of play will be single-elimination brackets with cash prizes and trophies to be awarded to the top two teams in each division as shown on Exhibit A. There will also be third place medals in Concours and Consolante.

Questions? Call Shirley at 336-247-0436.

Exhibit A (guaranteed purse)

Championship Team $400 / team plus trophies and medals
Concours Runners-up $140 / team plus medals
Concours Third Place Teams $100 / team plus medals

Consolante Winners $90 / team plus medals
Consolante Runners-up $70 / team plus medals
Consolante Third Place Teams $50 / team plus medals

Monday, August 24, 2015

Follow up on Miller Park rework

As recently reported, Winston-Salem Parks and Rec people are doing some repairs on our terrain at Miller Park.  As of yesterday, the repair appeared to be nearly finished.  Most of the dirt and gravel piled onto the court a week ago has now been removed and the court has been partially smoothed.  We expect that work will finish this week.  Since we'll be playing in W-S on Wednesday, at Griffith Park, we'll swing by and check on the progress at Miller Park while we're in town.

With the Alliance Francaise

This announcement by Rebekah resulted in a good turnout (around 25) at Nevin Park on Saturday:


Carolina Petanque will be playing at Nevin Park on Saturday, August 22.  The weather is still considerably hot at this time of year, so we will begin playing at 9:00 AM. We will play for as long as we can, temperatures permitting.  In the event of rain, we will likely try for the following weekend on August 29.

Unlike our  June event, this will be a simple, low-key get-together.  If you're interested in joining us for pétanque, please bring those items which you might need (water, snacks, chairs).  As always, Carolina Petanque will have extra boules available for use.  We also will have 1-2 canopy tents in place for additional protection from sun and heat.

It is our hope that the interest by AF members will help us establish more frequent and consistent pétanque play in Charlotte.  If you are interested in assisting with these efforts, please let me know.

If you are interested in having your email address added to the official Carolina Petanque email list, please let me know.  Carolina Petanque sends 1-4 emails per week regarding scheduled play, tournament information, etc.  

Should you have any questions regarding pétanque, Carolina Petanque, or the scheduled August 22 date, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to see you on the 22nd!

(My apologies for not also writing this email in French.  I do not have enough time to attempt this and consult my dictionary!)


Sports Director, Carolina Petanque

(pic by Bo Edwards)

(pic by Bo Edwards)

(pic by Bo Edwards)

(pic by Bo Edwards)

Here's a post-play note from one of the AF members:

From: G.M. Delavignette
Date: Sun, Aug 23, 2015 at 9:09 PM
Subject: Re: Petanque in Charlotte, August 22
To: Rebekah Lee Ricardo

Hi Rebekah,

A quick email to thank you and the very nice Carolina Petanque team for the great day we spent together on Saturday.

It was really a pleasure to discover and play with new Carolina Petanque members who impressed us with their skills and their kindness.

For sure we'll stay in touch and will closely consult your schedule.

See you soon and a great week to both of you,